Ford Telematics


What is Ford Telematics?
Through Ford Telematics, you can monitor your fleet with GPS tracking and geofencing, get live vehicle health alerts to plan and limit downtime, set reminders for vehicle service, analyze driver behavior, and help manage fuel usage to potentially reduce costs. This system is designed for fleets with five or more commercial vehicles.

What can I do with telematics data?
Telematics data samples usually contain GPS data, which is used to track fleet vehicles. It's often used to dispatch or reroute vehicles in the field, as well as to help drivers find the most efficient routes. Vehicle tracking data can even be used to track down vehicles after a theft. 

What information does Telematics collect?
Telematics gathers data including vehicle location, driver behavior, engine diagnostics and vehicle activity. The data is visualized on a software platform that helps fleet operators manage their resources. 

Ford Telematics Options


Your Ford vehicle comes standard with hardworking features. Some operate behind the scenes while others wait to serve you on your command. Watch how complimentary access to Ford Telematics Essentials* provides vehicle health insights about your fleet vehicles, such as remaining oil life, dashboard lights and diagnostic trouble codes and any recalls that need your attention. 

*Available on Ford vehicles with embedded modem. Requires modem activation and agreement to digital terms and conditions. Complimentary access will exist for the life of the vehicle or the life of the product. Connected service and features, and access to vehicle data depend on subscription and compatible AT&T network availability. Evolving technology/cellular networks/vehicle capability may limit functionality and prevent operation of connected features.