Bayshore is now offering new options for versatile walk-in step van delivery vehicles. 
Designed for comfort, efficiency, and performance. Built to fit your business needs. 
Fully FedEx Spec'd. Limited Inventory!

At a Glance

  • Low step-in cab and rear door height provide optimum points of entry and exit
  • Full stand-up height in the cab and cargo areas optimize ergonomics
  • Larger windshield for optimal visibility


Parcel delivery vans

Fedex spec WALK-IN VAN

Available LENGTH 14' to 22'

Our walk-in van is the industry-standard for delivery and service vehicles. Built on a purpose-built chassis ready to shoulder your load, the walk-in van has maximum versatility and interior design capabilities, with a highly modular cargo area and multiple side and rear door configurations. We customize every walk-in van to increase driver productivity and safety. Options include interior fold-up or fixed shelving, E-track systems, cargo load bars, work counters, bins, compartments, and more.

Call our Commercial Sales Manager Kevin Worrell, to reserve your parcel work van. 302-656-3160 

Reserve Your Custom Parcel Delivery Van

We are the number one high volume commercial truck and van dealer in the US.  You can contact our Commercial Sales Manager, Kevin Worrell, to reserve your custom parcel work van or start the reservation process online.  We also offer shipping beyond the Wilmington, DE area, anywhere in the continental US.  Call us today at 866-438-9737 to speak to our experts.

FedEx Approved Specifications

We can help you design a parcel delivery van that will meet FedEx specifications for independent contractors (IC) and independent service providers (ISP).  Check out our inventory of Ford Commercial Vans like the E350 Morgan Olson P500 Step Van or E350 Utilimaster P500 Step Van.  These vans can be reconfigured in various ways, offering several entries, low steps into the cab and out of the back for easy loading and unloading.

Driver-Focused Customization

Not only do our parcel delivery vans meet industry standard specifications for ICs and ISPs, but they are designed with comfort and safety in mind.  Customize your van with optional features that are specific for your work.  We can have aluminum shelving installed as either fold up or fixed, and FedEx approved.  For added safety, parcel vans come with fire extinguishers, emergency triangles, and newer models are equipped with backup cameras.  If you have deliveries in the Upper Darby or West Chester, PA, check out all of our options and reserve your custom parcel delivery van.